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ТЕМА: рак: старое новое лекарство

рак: старое новое лекарство 16 янв 2013 14:39 #1

  • rediska
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Как выяснилось, лекарсто изобретённое аж в 1864 году убивает напроч раковые клетки.
Это не совсем новость так как это было доказано (и показано по CBC) Канадским врачом в 2008, но сейчас появильсь больше информации и также открылось канадское производство.

Possible treatment - DCA:

All about DCA:

to buy - Canadian producer:

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Re: рак: старое новое лекарство 16 янв 2013 16:15 #2

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Canadian Cancer Society’s perspective on DCA
(December 2012) In early 2007, University of Alberta researchers published results of a study about DCA (dichloroacetate) stating that the agent showed promise in shrinking tumours in laboratory rats and human cell lines (human cells grown in a petri dish). Subsequent studies have looked at DCA in different settings, including a 2009 Society funded study showing that DCA is not effective at killing colon cancer cells in mice and and, in some instances, caused tumours to grow. In early 2010 results were published from the first clinical trial for DCA looking at its effects on a specific type of human brain tumour in a very small number of patients. While the results were hopeful, research about DCA is still in its early stages.

Other clinical trials about DCA are currently being conducted. (this links to a listing of DCA trials listed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health).

The Canadian Cancer Society has concerns about Canadians with cancer seeking DCA before adequate and extensive clinical trials have been conducted about its benefits and side effects. In the absence of fully supported clinical evidence, the Society does not advise cancer patients to use DCA. Among the key issues that need to be determined through clinical trials are:

Is DCA effective in shrinking tumours?
Can DCA be used safely in cancer patients at doses needed for effectiveness?
Are there critical doses or methods of administration to achieve optimum anti-cancer effects?

Read more: www.cancer.ca/Canada-wide/About us/Media centre/Issues watch.aspx?sc_lang=en&gclid=CNGxmfLX7bQCFcef4AoduSEABQ#Canadian Cancer Society’s perspective on DCA#ixzz2IAgoAAbX

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Re: рак: старое новое лекарство 16 янв 2013 16:29 #3

  • rediska
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